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Ways To Check On Your Company's Mobile App Performance

For consumers, apps have become an integral part of the daily routine. This is why for businesses like yours, apps present strong marketing opportunities that are hard to miss. Mobile marketing helps you connect with your customers, complement other advertising efforts, and boost your e-commerce strategy. Yet, how would you know that your mobile app is really living up to your expectations? Here are some ways to check its performance.

App Star Rating

The ultimate way to check your app's performance is to actually listen to the users. Where do users voice what they think about your app? What do the potential users consult when deciding to download an app? The app store ratings. If you have low app store rating, chances are, your app has important issues that you would want to fix. In the same way, few ratings will also hurt your app's marketability. Always encourage existing users to rate your app because not only have these ratings become a public testament of your app's performance, they also provide valuable insights for you to improve it.

App Quality Metrics

Another way to track your app's performance is look into the app quality metrics. Some of these metrics include usage rate, retention rate, abandonment rate, crash rate, app load per period, and a lot more. Each of these metrics provides you with important insight as to how well your app is serving your customers. Too low usage and retention rate and high abandonment rate can hurt your business in the long run. High cash rate and unreasonably long app load time can cause losing more customers. If you're very low on the overall app quality metrics, it's time to rethink your app's design, codes, and features.

Revenue Metrics

While app quality metrics indicates how your app is serving your customers, revenue metrics are telltale signs of how well your app actually serves your business. Some of the revenue metrics are acquisition cost, transaction revenue, lifetime value, and average revenue per user. Each metric can help you gauge and maximize the revenue obtained from your business app. For example, tracking acquisition cost help you prioritize in-app referrals overpaid campaigns if the former gives much greater number of downloads.

Each of these types of metrics provide valuable insights about your app's performance in terms of overall user experience rating, app quality, and return on investment. For any issues you find, an app developer can help you correct them and deliver a better experience to your customers. For more information, contact a company like App Makers LA .