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3 Facts Regarding VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a swiftly-growing technology that more and more businesses are using for its amazing benefits. If your small business is considering making the switch to VoIP, you need to check out these three facts, so you know if VoIP is the business cabling solution to help your company grow and make more revenue.

VoIP Lets You Save Money

VoIP saves your business lots of money, especially if you frequently make international calls. Most businesses see savings of 50 to 75 percent after switching. You will, however, likely need to improve your internet, which increases costs, but you still save because of the low cost of calls. You may also need to purchase a better router to manage your internet speeds.

The hardware to get started with VoIP is usually cheap, and your business may already have some equipment. While there are expensive, special phones you can buy, you can still get started with VoIP with just good internet and a computer, microphones and speakers. With VoIP, your employees can usually spend less time handling calls because of the advanced messaging management. This means they have more time during the work day to get other important tasks done, boosting productivity and increasing revenue.

You Can Simulate VoIP Traffic First

One reason you may be hesitant to use VoIP is because you don't know how well it will work for your company, especially when it comes to online traffic. If you've noticed slow internet because of online traffic already, you're going to experience more with VoIP traffic if you don't upgrade. This is because by using the internet for calls, you are adding more traffic with every call. The more traffic on an internet connection, the slower it can be. If your business is too small, upgrading to faster internet and a better router may not be in the budget.

Luckily, you can simulate VoIP traffic before you switch, so you know if it is cost effective when compared to how much more you'll need to spend on internet. There are several sites that will give you an estimate of how VoIP traffic will affect your internet and the quality of your calls. Typically, you want to have at least 100 kbps per simulated call. Therefore, if you do not have enough bandwidth, your calls may experience sound problems.

Hosted Options Are Available

Another hassle of VoIP, especially for smaller business, is they don't have the staff to manage the VoIP system. You may have to hire a new employee. However, there are hosted VoIP options. These businesses do all the management for you, so your IT staff can focus on helping your business grow instead of troubleshooting phone call issues. Your staff doesn't need to worry about repairs, maintenance, etc.

Another reason a hosted option is good is that it helps make your staff more mobile. If you have employees who prefer to work off site, they can still make calls and gather needed information from the system. Lastly, instead of dealing with upgrades yourself, the hosting company handles it for you, including security upgrades, so your customers' information stays safe and private.

If you want your small business to grow and make more money, you should consider VoIP because it will save you money and boost productivity. If you don't think you have the staff necessary to install and manage your own VoIP system, contact a hosting company that will do all the work for you. Get started by running a VoIP traffic simulation test so you know if your internet has the ability to handle VoIP.