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Frugal And Efficient Farming With Solar Power

Are you a small farmer looking for ways to increase your yield while getting more work done during the day? Look to your pump and any tools that could be replaced with an electrical option. Are you using batteries that need to be charged before you head to the farm? Does walking to the farm take a few minutes, or do you drive out to the farm with a battery supply that may not last? Solar power can make farming a lot easier, and here are a few implementation points to help you figure out how your farm can get a photovoltaic boost. 

Solar Power Pump Management

Pumping by hand is great if you're trying to get a feel for pre-electrical farming, and using liquid fuel can get messy. Electricity makes almost everything easier, but if your farm doesn't have an electrical service pole, are you ready to invest installation dollars while paying an (albeit low) electrical bill?

You don't have to get a power pole just yet. For people who aren't ready for electrical service on the farm or if you're rather stay off the grid completely, a solar panel setup can get your pump running quickly.

The key is to look for water pumps that accept multiple power inputs. Don't just buy a diesel or mechanical pump and figure out how to splice wires (unless you're into that, of course); there are plenty of models that will give you a power plug, a connector for a fuel tank, and a connector for a power panel. 

If in doubt, contact the solar panel vendor and pump vendor, then discuss connectors. You can find a match, or get an adapter that will make the panel and pump fit. You should also get a battery pack with the solar panel so that cloudy days or those night trips to the farm will still deliver power as needed.

Charging Stations With Battery Systems

If you want to do more than power a pump, simply get a few additional batteries and a power strip. A solar panel system doesn't have to be a massive investment to be useful; although businesses need a lot of panels and batteries to power a building, a basic kit can get your power tools up and running.

A more challenging setup is needed to charge batteries for tractors and other farm vehicles. You'll likely need an off grid solar powered inverter to get the job done, and it's once again a good idea to speak to the tractor vendor, solar panel vendor, and even the tractor battery vendor to make sure everything is compatible without strange configuration problems that may pop up in the middle of farming.

Contact a solar power professional to discuss other benefits of bringing power panels to the farm. For more information, contact companies like Everyone's Solar.