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6 Common Causes of False Alarms in Residential Alarm Systems

Don't turn off that alarm! It's tempting to just disengage your security alarm if you keep getting false positives, but most problems are actually use problems rather than problems with the alarm system. Here are some of the most common issues.

1. Low Batteries

A low battery warning will often set off the alarm itself. An alarm that's drawing intermittent power will also often go off. Check the batteries on your alarms at least once a year to avoid problems.

2. Pets

Motion detectors frequently pick up pets, even if they are small and fast moving. You can get your detectors calibrated to ignore your pets, based on size and location in the house. Apart from pets, motion detectors can also go off because of pests you didn't know about. A bug crawling across the screen can set it off.

3. Wind

Wind will commonly blow in drapes or rattle doors, both of which can set off an alarm. Door and window alarms can be set off by strong vibrations, while motion detectors will be set off by anything rustling in the wind.

4. HVAC Systems

Do you have a powerful furnace? Motion detectors that detect heat signatures can often be fooled by a gust of warm air by an HVAC system. If you want your system to be accurate, you need to have a technician position your sensors away from anything that could potentially set it off. Areas like hallways are often recommended, because there's not a lot in a hallway, but traffic has to go through it.

5. Loud Sounds

Thunder can simulate the sound of glass breaking, which is enough to set off many "glass break" detectors. Glass break detectors may need to have their sensors adjusted if they're frequently going off due to loud sounds in your neighborhood.

6. Forgotten Systems

Finally, one of the most common reasons an alarm will go off is because someone simply forgot it was on. They may open the door without turning it off or they may not turn it on when they should. New, smarter residential security systems can side step this problem, by automatically authenticating individuals as they come to the door, and automatically turning the system on and off as needed. 

If you keep getting false alarms, it's better to call an alarm company such as A Tech Security rather than try to disengage the alarm. Often, they'll be able to tell you exactly what the problem is.