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Moving Into A Large Home? 4 Tips To Provide Speedy Internet For Your Whole Family

If you have lived in an apartment, condo, or small single-family home for the past few years, you may know how to provide everyone in your family with a reliable Internet connection. But, this can become more of a challenge when you move into a large home because a standard wireless router may not be able to provide a fast and consistent connection throughout the house.

As soon as you move in, you should work on a few things that will help you avoid complications with getting a reliable connection upstairs, downstairs, and at the edges of your home.

Internet Plan

The first detail that you should look at is the Internet service provider plan. If you know that your family will be watching high-definition videos, uploading videos of their own, and playing games, you should look to pick a plan that can handle more than a handful of simultaneous connections.

If you can find a gigabit Internet plan, you will not have to worry about reaching the maximum bandwidth because your family will be able to buffer almost all media content instantly.


The router that you choose will have a noticeable impact on your Internet connection. This is where you should do research until you find ones that can provide a wide connection range. Many companies will accomplish this by using several large antennas as part of the router.

If you can find benchmarks and tests that have been done on certain models, you should analyze them and look at the connection reliability when measured far away from the router.


Another way that you can get your family a reliable connection is by going wired. While you may not want to run cables along the floor that can get chewed up by your pets or tripped over by your family, you can get help with running these cables through the walls in your home.

Wi-Fi Extenders

If you are finding that a router is not able to give a reliable connection on its own and you do not want to go wired for the edges of your home, you can get wireless range extenders. You can get advice from Internet service professionals on where to put them inside your home. This should have a noticeable impact on the speed and consistency of the Internet outside or at the edges.

Following these tips will help you satisfy your family's demands for Internet in your new home.