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Learn How To Use A Cloud-Based POS System For Restaurants

A cloud-based POS system is a web-hosted system that is accessible wherever there is WiFi. Learn how a POS system that is designed for restaurants can help you keep track of sales, streamline the ordering and serving process, and replenish inventory.

Hardware And Accessories

The use of a cloud-based POS system will require basic hardware components. These include a monitor, a printer, a router, a power supply, and connecting cables. Depending upon the methods of payment that are accepted, a cash drawer and a portable card reader may be needed to operate your new POS system.

The number of orders that are generated on a daily basis may influence how many printers you will need. For instance, if you own a small dining establishment and orders come in at a slow and steady pace, you may prefer to have one person print out orders for the kitchen staff.

If your restaurant tends to get busy, or if you have bar staff onsite who are responsible for filling drink orders, you may want to invest in multiple printers. Information that is manually input through the main monitor will be printed out in the kitchen and the bar. This process will ensure that orders are filled in a timely manner and will eliminate the need for an employee to walk through various parts of the restaurant, to hand orders to the kitchen or bar staff.

Sales Tracking And Inventory

Cloud-based POS systems may contain features that will allow a restaurateur to keep track of what products are being sold, the number of orders that are taken on a daily basis, and the number of raw ingredients and beverages that are currently stocked.

At the end of a shift, access your POS system and review a report that highlights all of the items that were sold for the day. This sales tracking method will help you determine what your most popular menu items are. If a menu item isn't ordered regularly, focus on making some advertising changes that will aid with increased sales.

As inventory is depleted, a POS system will tabulate the current number of each ingredient or beverage type that is available. You will have the option of automatically generating vendor purchase orders, once products begin to run out. A purchase order can be sent directly to each of your vendors. This will prevent your staff from running out of essential ingredients and beverages that are needed to fill orders.

For more information about a POS system for restaurants, contact a local provider.