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Signs You May Need To Replace Your Iphone Battery

Do you own an iPhone and suspect you are having battery issues? Unfortunately, this is a common problem with Apple products. Unlike other smartphones, you cannot remove the battery and replace it with a new one. The iPhone has a built-in battery that is charged using a charging cable or dock. If you think you are having battery issues, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try first. If the problem persists, you may require professional care.

The Phone Won't Turn On At All

When your phone won't turn on, you can try the following steps:

  1. Connect your phone to a charging cable. If the battery sign does not appear on the screen, the issue may be with the cable or the power adapter. Replace both parts one at a time to see if it fixes the problem.

  2. Let the phone charge for at least an hour before trying to turn it on.

  3. If nothing happens, contact Apple support.

The Phone Won't Take a Charge

If the phone doesn't charge but does turn on, the issue may be with the phone itself. The charge jack may be damaged on the inside.

  1. Try cleaning the charging jack first. There may be dust or other debris inside it keeping the charger from connecting properly.

  2. Try using a new charging cable just in case the one you have is faulty.

  3. Wiggle the charging cable a bit or try turning it upside down and replugging it in.

If the phone still won't charge, the phone needs to be sent to support.

Other Issues

There are several other problems that your phone might have that points to a battery issue. These include:

  • You can hear alerts and other sounds on the phone but the screen is black.

  • The phone stays stuck on the loading screen.

  • The screen stays black while charging even after you restart it.

  • The phone turns on and off randomly.

  • The battery dies faster than it should.


If your phone shows any of these problems, you should send the phone to the support center to have it repaired. The support team will run diagnostics on the device and determine if you need a new battery. If so, they will have a professional perform iPhone battery replacement and send it back to you. If you signed up for extra protection you may get the service for free or at a discounted price.