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Moving Your Business And Have A Data Center? 3 Tips To Get Your Date Center Moved

If you are moving your business, the data center is one of the most important things you must consider. This is because if your data center is down, this will greatly affect how you can run your business. To prevent problems, below are three tips to get your data center moved so you will not have to worry about having downtime for your business.

Create an Inventory List

The first task to a data center move is creating an inventory list of all equipment. Once you are finished with the list, go over it a second time to ensure you have everything listed.

This list will benefit you as you will know what needs to be moved first, as well as the components needed to get the critical equipment up and running, such as electrical cables, routers, etc.

This equipment list can also show you if you have any equipment that should be replaced or upgraded. If so, this is a good time to do these things.

As you set up the data center after the move, check off the equipment on the inventory list to ensure everything gets moved.

Inspect New Location

Before you move anything, make sure the new location for your data center is large enough to house everything you have. If it is not, you may need to make some renovations to your new building to enlarge the data center room. You may also have to decide if there is equipment you could remove to make more room.

The temperature for the new room should be set correctly before you start setting up your equipment. A room that is too hot can cause equipment to overheat or run with much less performance efficiency.

According to experts, it is recommended to keep a data center room at 77 to 81 degrees. This does depend on how large your room is, however. For example, a small room may need to be kept a little cooler, as it will become overheated quicker.

Hire an Expert Mover

The best thing you can do is to hire an expert to move your data center. This person is experienced in knowing what should be moved first, how to set up once the equipment arrives, what the temperature should be, and much more.

The expert can hook everything up for you in the new data center. This is beneficial, as you will be up and running much quicker.

This mover will also know how to properly pack equipment and transport it to the new location. The mover will know of techniques and tips that you likely do not know, such as marking all cables to go with the equipment being moved.

Following these tips will allow your data center move to go much smoother for you.