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Advice For Property Owners Choosing In-Building Public DAS Coverage Systems

One of the best ways property owners can improve their in-building public safety coverage is to set up a DAS (distributed antenna system). It will improve your signal strength with emergency responders in times of an emergency. As long as you use these insights, you can invest in the right signal-boosting equipment and feel great about how it performs long-term.

Take Time Identifying Weak Signal Areas

There may be particular areas in your building that leave you with weak signals. Maybe it's a particular room or around the elevator area because of the materials that surround it. If you take the time to identify these areas that cause weak signals, you can figure out exactly what type of DAS to get and where to set it up.

You'll just need to make an objective assessment of these weak signal areas and potentially hire in-building public safety coverage specialists to back up your initial inspections with their own data. Then you can refine a DAS investment pretty quickly.

Choose an Active DAS if Building Is Large

There are a couple of different antenna system types you can invest in for your building, but if you're dealing with a property that's of substantial size, your best bet is going to be an active DAS. It's unique compared to a passive DAS because it relies on fiber optic cabling that can be used to help you address more weak signal areas.

As long as you hire a professional to set this active DAS up, you should have no trouble getting better signal coverage and subsequently reaching emergency responders at a moment's notice if there is a potentially dangerous situation.

Hire a DAS Expert to Assess Building's Specific Needs

Your commercial building is probably different than the one next to it, whether it's the overall size, how it's shaped, or the construction materials it features. You need to assess all of these unique attributes to find the right DAS that works optimally after being set up.

If you hire a DAS expert, it will be easier to account for these specific building needs. A formal assessment can be conducted and then you'll receive DAS suggestions that you can put more confidence in.

A sound tactic for improving in-building public safety coverage is to invest in a DAS, which will help you address weak signal areas. If you're patient looking at your building's needs and reviewing different antenna systems on the market, you can feel confident in your selection.

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