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When was the last time you really took hold of a powerful piece of technology and made it your own? Although it might seem like a simple thing to do, being in charge of technology and being able to use it for good is definitely a learned skill. I started thinking about what pieces of technology could make my life better, and before I knew it, I had completely changed a few things in my life for good. Now, I like to spread the word about cool technologies that have made a difference. Check out this fun blog for great tips.


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Managing Online Storage For Backup And Live Business

Cloud computing continues to evolve from the basic email storage lockers and file sharing websites of the 90's and early 2000's to a nearly seamless experience. There are many parts of your business that could benefit from cloud storage over your own local storage options, and a few cloud computing concepts can help you figure out how. Cloud Storage Basics The most basic part of cloud computing is file storage. It's no different from past concepts of uploading information to an online storage bank, but with many lessons learned and much higher capacity levels per tier of service. Read More 

Ways To Check On Your Company’s Mobile App Performance

For consumers, apps have become an integral part of the daily routine. This is why for businesses like yours, apps present strong marketing opportunities that are hard to miss. Mobile marketing helps you connect with your customers, complement other advertising efforts, and boost your e-commerce strategy. Yet, how would you know that your mobile app is really living up to your expectations? Here are some ways to check its performance. Read More 

Time To Liquidate Some Assets? 4 Steps To Ensure A Successful Sale

There comes a time in every business when the need to liquidate assets arises. One of those times is when the focus of a business changes directions, eliminating the need for certain equipment. Liquidating assets frees up capital that can be used in other areas of the business, such as purchasing new equipment for the changing needs of the company. If it's time to liquidate assets, you need to make sure the process is as successful as possible. Read More 

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Iphone Battery

Do you own an iPhone and suspect you are having battery issues? Unfortunately, this is a common problem with Apple products. Unlike other smartphones, you cannot remove the battery and replace it with a new one. The iPhone has a built-in battery that is charged using a charging cable or dock. If you think you are having battery issues, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try first. If the problem persists, you may require professional care. Read More 

5 Good Reasons To Partner With A MSP

Whether you're operating a small to medium-sized business or a large corporation, outsourcing IT services through a trusted managed service provider can help your business become more efficient and effective. Unfortunately, it's easy for businesses to be unconvinced of the advantages that partnering with a MSP can offer. If you're still on the fence about having a MSP handle your company's IT services, here are a few good reasons to make the right move. Read More